Facade of house of 250 square meters

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This facade is not easy to describe. Well we can say, as indicated in the title, that it is a 250 square meter house although this would only partially reveal it.

We have a large gable roof that extends well beyond the completion of the dwelling as far as its walls we refer. It is cut abruptly with a slope that is directed transversely towards the back.

 quiet part of the house of 250m2

Facade covered in stone of 2 floors

In the images we will also see the cuts of the house on each of its sides with which we will understand it even better.

It is a house partially covered in stone of 2 floors with columns of wood and a great amount of details in this same material. Stone and wood typically work very well in combination.

 Facade of house of 250 square meters

Another feature of this house is in its openings, the same have been established in metal (surely aluminum) as a further variant in decoration.

We hope that this stone-clad house with wide gabled sloping ceilings will be useful for those looking for a home of this type.

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