Facade of house of 3 floors with graffiti plaster

In the following images you will see a 3-storey house façade , we will include one of the side views that will allow us to get a better idea of ​​its construction.

 3-storey house facade with graffiti plaster

We will see that the whole exterior is covered by graffiti rendered in two well-defined colors. All this is complemented by aluminum openings and large glass windows.

In the front we have the pedestrian entrance while in the back we can see a small shed where a vehicle will be stored.

Facade of house with graffiti plaster

The upper floor has a few meters covered, however it gives rise to the placement of two or three smaller rooms and the construction of a modern terrace and good dimensions. This last detail is essential for urban areas where there are no large spaces for perimeter gardens.

We hope this home is a pleasure for you when looking for ideas for facades of 3-story houses.

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