Facade of house with 3 carports

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There are many points to highlight in this facade, however we have decided to name the 3 garages that can be seen with the naked eye. They are located in a very particular way that we will know next.

On the right wing of the facade we can see a double garage entrance that makes up the first two garages. To his right we have a more entrance with a simple gate with which we complete the 3 garages named above.

Facade of house with 3 parking spaces

However we can not fail to mention that it has a very original and beautiful look. Different materials have been used, predominantly wood. The roof was finished in insulation with a series of asphalt shingles lining all the roofs on slopes .

Facades of houses with triple garage

In the lower part, covering the entire perimeter of the house, there is a masonry of approximately 70 cm in height made entirely of stone. This provides insulation against moisture and is not just a technical issue.

So we ended up with this house that we have termed as a house facade with 3 garages.

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