Facade of house with 4 waters

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In general, for all my projects, a priori on flat roofs. These give me some security with respect to the rest and I find it simpler to build. However, the home waterfront that we are seeing here can not be overlooked so easily.

The model presented here is at the height of the best housing we can provide for you. Below we will see more details about it.

Facade of house to 4 waters

The high ceiling will always provide better thermal insulation in the summer. On the contrary, in the winter it will be more difficult to heat the house itself. This is mainly due to the fact that we can not prevent hot air from rising to the top.

Four-story roof structure

As for the structure of a roof of four waters it is necessary to indicate that it is composed basically of a series of inclined rafters or beams. These come from the base of the structure (the top of the walls) and extend overhead. Above, once the beams are finished, it is possible to place a horizontal beam that compensates for the length of the structure.

Structure Roof four waters

On these beams begins with the coating that is, firstly, marked by a series of wood planks tongue-and-groove. Above them usually a layer of glass wool or telgopor is placed as an insulation. Then there will be a special nylon layer to waterproof.

Finally, finishing the structure are put asphalt tiles or terracotta tiles such as this time. They can also be known as ceramic tiles. In all cases we recommend that they be finished with a lacquer and are not matte to avoid molding with the passage of time and humidity.

Flat roof four waters

In order to finish we present the plane of the roof to four waters it is presented with a top view or cut. This includes measures and orientation of the slopes.

Plan Roof four waters

Waiting for this house 4 waters edge indicated that they are looking for their own home we say goodbye until an upcoming delivery with more valuable data for its construction.

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