Façade of house with cantilevered roof

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This is a house facade with a cantilevered roof that extends all around the house. On one of its protruding sides this one becomes directly into a shed to place a vehicle, also known as an open carport.

Fortunately, we also have the counter-facade of this cantilevered roof and serves to give us a better idea of ​​the whole house.

Façade of house with cantilevered roof

It is in this back part where we can put the placement of a deck and a small pool, all details of decoration that are very beneficial to obtain added value in the home.

Facade of house with flown

For the roof, which is completely flat, it has been used to place a garden to maintain the corresponding thermal insulation.

Plan of house with cantilevered roof

The main materials used here are traditional cementitious plaster, aluminum and glass for openings and wood as a cladding.

We finished this interesting one-story house with its cantilevered façade.

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