Facade of house with ceramic coating and glass panels

This is another facade of house with ceramic coating , one of many that we have seen so far. As a variation we will find that a series of glass panels has been invented and these are fixed in certain cases.

The openings of this house are made of metal but combine very well with the glass we talked about earlier.

 Glass-panel house facade

In the case of entrance to the garage, it is painted in a dark color. We can see how the color varies significantly with the rest of the house. However, it is a combination that is pleasing to the eye.

All this facade is on 2 floors and the construction line is totally irregular.

In the front we will take place to place a large front garden. It is left to the owner’s choice and can even be deleted.

We hope you will enjoy as much as we do this facade image of ceramic-clad facade and glass panels almost everywhere.

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