Facade of house with columns

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Perhaps what stands out most in this house facade with columns is precisely these types of structures. They have a double meaning, that of supporting the ceilings on the top also to decorate the house.

Facade of house with columns

Remember that facades or fronts are the most important part of a house for many people. That’s why these columns allow you to give your owners an almost unique design.

It is also very interesting to see the exterior cladding in green and gray ceramics that has been used. We are talking about the curved part of this house that stretches along 2 floors.

To finish talking about this area we highlight the fact that its large window stretches along one floor and another. This draws attention because it does not have any type of cuts of the intermediate roof.

The colors in this house also attract attention, a clear combination of them has been used. However, we can see that the part of the walls is looking for a light color almost in its entirety, something that combines very well with the red of the tiles.

We ended up seeing this house facade with columns that is so interesting for anyone who sees it.

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