Facade of house with corridor

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A beautiful house facade with a corridor is what we want to share with everyone beautiful summer afternoon.

There are many corridor styles for houses that we can choose to apply to the exterior of our home, we can opt for old models with high ceilings and imposing columns, or for much more designs Simple and modest yet equally charming.

The facades of houses with a corridor in front of them undoubtedly have a very particular aesthetic and pleasant, these give home air to any home, be it a flat or two levels. P>


This corridor facade has a certain country atmosphere, not only due to the leafy, well-kept front garden, but also by rounded arches and railings that run through the front and side gallery.

The aesthetic of this home is completed with wall lamps located along the perimeter and high ceilings to four waters at different heights. The beige, white and terracotta tones form a great trio to give a warm finish to this corridor house facade.

We hope you have enjoyed this model as much as we have, we hope to have a very beautiful day.

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