Façade of house with pool

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This is not the first façade of house with swimming pool that we see here, however it may prove to be the most luxurious presented so far. It is a house of no less than 3 floors that develops in a ground in unevenness .

As we walk through the view we will see the existence of stone covering a good part of its front. We also have glass as another main element decorating and serving as a rail in sports and stairs.

 Facade of house with pool

Modern house with wide façade

This is undoubtedly a very wide façade, despite this much of it is used extensively open. Here there are no small environments or tiny decorations, this is the opposite of a minimalist design.

 Facade of house with sink bottom view

 Side cut house with pool

The front garden is also an important part of the decoration and also occupies a considerable extent. Behind it you will find columns that support different terraces on each of the floors.

Finally different from this house, one at 45 degrees flush with the ground, another at an isometric visit, finally, a lateral cut where you can appreciate the considerable unevenness of the ground.

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