Facade of house with roof to 4 waters

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As the title indicates, on the facade of this house we will see that it has a roof 4 waters . In turn the same are totally irregular, longer or shorter and located in four blocks well differentiated.

It is a house of 200 square meters and has a combined style between rustic and modern. In all its extension we will find this type of details.

 Facade of house with roof to 4 waters

With a large front garden and walls covered in stone, we find that the decoration has been a fundamental part when designing a house like this. Its facade does not go unnoticed for anyone who sees it.

 flat roof with 4 waters

Ceilings, in this case, have been made in sheet metal to speed up the construction, lighten the roof’s weight and get a more beautiful finish. Of course, a proper thermal insulation work must be done with glass wool at the time of construction.

Hoping that this facade of house with roof to 4 waters has been to your liking we said goodbye until a next delivery where we will see more fronts.

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