Facade of house with roof to the ground

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This is a home facade where your roof reaches the ground, a very particular feature that makes it virtually unique. Of course, it is a home that will not go unnoticed when you see it, especially because of the striking ceiling.

As for the rest we can see a construction that is made of bricks from its foundations. However, this changes on the upper floor where the masonry is replaced by wood and serve as the basis for the placement of the roof. All this gives us a style between rustic and classic.

 Facade of house with roof to the ground

Whether the facade or the facade is consistent with what we have named so far.

Finally, we can see how the extension of the roof to the ground ends up forming a shed where you can hide a vehicle. The width of this area is ideal for a large size sedan.

Counterfoil ceiling to the floor In this way we finish this house facade with a roof to the ground on one side.

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