Facade of house with roof with windows

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We can see on this facade of the house that its roof has windows included during almost the entire length. It is a series of fixed glass panels and metal frames that will provide illumination to the upper floor of the house.

In reality, this type of constructions, will require a detailed and precise elaboration. This will prevent imperfections that can lead to water leaks in the future.

Regarding the rest of the house we must say that this is two waters and has a projection for a fireplace in the center .. In addition, it is two floors and has numerous openings throughout its perimeter. The access door is located under a small porch which has a horizontal siding.


The garden surrounding the house is an additional detail that has been implemented for this photograph but could be avoided in case of not having a budget.

Reality is an economic house where there are small details that are making their value more expensive.

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