Facade of house with sloping roof

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This house facade with sloping roof has many more features that go beyond this detail. On this we will talk about this opportunity in which we present a front of house so private.

Beyond the decoration of the front garden with different types of plants we will focus on the construction itself.  Facade of house with sloping ceiling

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Modern house facade with sloped roof

This modern house facade with sloping roof also has large fixed windows at the top. It replaces what would become a traditional masonry allowing the entrance of large amounts of light.

The upper floor, which has this characteristic of fixed windows, also has a small terrace which is accessed through a wooden door. Glass is essential in this home.

For the ground floor a cantilevered roof has been left that serves as a shelter when accessing the house. A small ladder allows you to raise the height even better by protecting your flood members.

We ended up seeing this facade of house with a sloping roof as a main feature and we have seen many other details.

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