Facade of house with stone and tiles

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Looking at this fa├žade we will see the existence of a good part of it clad in stone . The rest is complemented by a roof of tiles and wood openings.

We can not fail to name the small virtual roof that extends in the front giving us a place for leisure on summer days.

 Facade of house with stone and tiles

 Facade of house with stone

We also have a series of lateral cuts on each of its four sides. Regardless of the use we give to a home of this type it is very interesting to be able to see all these aspects as they give us an extra dimension of the house.

House plan with stones and tiles

With regard to the plane we will start by indicating you that it has a total of 2 floors. They distribute a total of 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms.

 house with stone and tiles

In addition to the ambiences named up, which are usually the most important for new owners, we find a simple garage, a living and dining room together, the kitchen, a storage room and the small front terrace.

 side cut of house with stone and tiles

 cut of house with tiles and stones coated

On the upper floor we will see the bedrooms we named above, a dressing room two bathrooms of the total indicated here also we have the exit to three terraces or balconies.

Without a doubt, it is very pleasant to see this house with stones that is complemented by its roof of tiles.

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