Facade of house with wood openings

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One of the main features we notice in this house facade is that it has numerous wooden openings . In fact, all are of this material and stand out above the rest of the objects.

Still, we can not fail to name the four-story roof, located in two large blocks. One of these is for all the housing in general and most common environments while the other is for the garage.

 House facade with wood openings

Wood openings

With regard to these openings it is necessary to indicate that they usually have a higher cost to the rest and their maintenance must be carried out every two or three years. This time may vary depending on the type of product we use.

Wood openings

If we think about it, wood openings have certain disadvantages. It is a price to pay for having a more rustic style in our home.

Undoubtedly, this house facade is one of the best we have seen of this type so far. The front garden, although it does not make the construction itself, forms part of the front and enhances it in every way.

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