Facade of houses with frames

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On this note you will see several interesting examples of facades of houses with moldings , these will allow you to give details to the front without needing to work too much.

Currently there is a wide variety of facade moldings , this is how we can find modern exterior moldings , plaster moldings, polystyrene moldings and even moldings Of quarry.

House facades with modern moldings

Many of the facade moldings are very simple to place, some of them are adhered to the exterior by special adhesives and the traditional ones can be placed with cement.

In addition to the traditional exterior moldings to form guards, we can also use different types of cornices, hollow or solid, rosettes, baseboards and counter frames. Each of these moldings serves to highlight that corner of our façade that we like, for example we can use them to frame doors, windows and balconies.


 Facades of houses with frames

 Facades of houses with modern moldings

 Facades of houses with moldings on windows

 Facades of houses with moldings on the balcony

 Facades of modern houses with frames

 Frames for facades

 Exterior Frames

Fronts of houses with frames
We just have to choose what kind of molding we want to apply and combine them in the way they look most attractive to us.

We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful façades of houses with moldings.

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