Façade of Mediterranean style house with garage

It is not always easy to catalog a home within one stream or another. However, this can be classified as a house facade with Mediterranean style and in turn has parking space / garage.
Facade of Mediterranean-style house with garage

This is a two-story facade with the construction line at different heights. One has been used for the structure of the left, which has inside it a staircase in the form of a snail; Another for the garage and the second floor window and, finally, the entrance door is significantly removed from the rest.

Perhaps, the main grace of this house is its façade in forms. To begin to reveal each of its details you will have to look at the image in general form and then enter each particular area.

We can not fail to mention the presence of drains in the front. This is not a good detail for the front of a house, especially if it is at low height as is the case. We refer to the small protuberances that exist in the upper part of the masonry of the garage.

We ended up touring this façade of Mediterranean style house with carport at the front.

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