Facade of minimalist house with wide spaces

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We can see that this is a minimalist home facade , is a statement that we will justify later. For now we also want to clarify that their spaces are wide according to a large family.

The front gives us different entries where each one has a particular goal. In the first place, a pedestrian entrance that results the main one of the house. Secondly, a vehicular access without a gate although with an opening in the bottom. To finish we have an additional entrance that lacks openings.


All this accompanied by glasses in different sectors but in a rather discreet way. Perhaps, we can highlight the one that is on the balcony, both in the form of rails and window doors.

Placing on the table all these details of the current home we keep insisting on the minimalism with which it is designed. There are no great temptations and appliques that go beyond traditional elements.

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