Facade of modern duplex with parking space / garage

One of the biggest drawbacks of duplex is that they do not have garage . While there are exceptions, as we will see on this occasion, it is not the norm.

As promised, we present you this modern duplex facade with carport included . Although this is not closed, without problems it is possible to add a front gate.

Modern duplex facade with parking space / garage

Here we do not have any problems to make an enclosure in the front of the house. This would allow us to have more privacy and safety when it comes to sheltering our vehicles.

If we loan attention, we will see that it is a double garage . This is an additional reason to place a gateway.

With respect to the rest of the duplex, we would like to mention that it is 8 m wide and is located on two floors, as it could not be otherwise.

The different touches of modernity are mainly given the use of glass like large fixed panels. In addition, the access door accompanies in that style.

Of course, the renovations, colors and decoration are part of this modern duplex that partly resembles minimalist designs.

Hoping that you have enjoyed this modern duplex facade with double garage we said goodbye until an upcoming delivery in which we will be seeing more similar and different designs.

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