Facade of modern house with 2 floors and double garage

When you see this modern 2-storey house facade with a beautiful double garage you will surely be dazzled as we did when you looked at it.

Homes of this type do not go unnoticed by anyone. It is a modern and comfortable design that is in keeping with the requirements of today’s society.

 Facade of modern house with 2 floors and double garage

We will have on this facade a combination of different materials as we have rarely seen.

We will find that wood has been used for the upper part, it is implemented as cladding . For many people This is a touch of distinction and good taste while for others it is just a detail that will require further maintenance in the future.

On the balcony we find a combined rail between concrete and iron. This area is located in the upper right part of the facade.

The garage door is made of aluminum and a drawbar system has been used. The frame is finished in stainless steel, a combination rarely seen.

Glass plays a fundamental role in all the decoration of this front. It is found in the different openings and also as fixed panels sporadically.

Finally we finished with the traditional cementitious plaster. The same applies a layer of paint in gray color of later form.

We ended up seeing this modern 2 storey house facade and double garage that is so beautiful for everyone.

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