Facade of old house

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We are accustomed to modern buildings, with a lot of floors and a clear urban air, so today we propose to travel with the mind to the past, to enjoy this picturesque and particular old house facade Strong>.

Exterior old house facade

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There are still houses from the beginning of the last century that are in very good condition due to the care that their multiple owners have had with them.

When we look at facades of old rustic houses like these it is almost impossible not to think about how our grandparents lived or past generations in general …

In appreciating the structure and construction in general we see that different materials are combined like bricks, stones and rustic mortars, the same of the time. In this example the roof is straw, which has surely needed repair on more than one occasion with the passage of so many years.

This type of construction was typical of the countryside or small towns, and although today they may seem somewhat crude, in their time they represented a clear example of prosperity, fruit of the effort of work.

We hope you have traveled in time appreciating the charming details of this beautiful old house model.

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