Facade of postmodern house of 2 floors

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In this house we will find a postmodernist design represented on 2 floors as you can see on the facade. The front itself, which is on the municipal construction line, may seem simple and traditional with bars and a small wall. However, what is really interesting lies behind this.

On the ground floor we have a white finish using wood, glass and a plaster with matt finish in almost all its extension. Of course, lighting is a fundamental part of it.

 Facade of postmodern house of 2 floors

Meanwhile, the top floor is lined with reddish plaques and appears much more square than the rest of the house.

The counter-facade maintains a similar appearance with a large window that allows us to go outside simply and quickly improving the habitability of the house.

 2-story postmodern home counterframe

Postmodernist home interior

It really is a very design for the times that run where not anyone can get to adapt to live.

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