Facade of rustic chalet

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A rustic chalet like this can not be missing from our collection of facades . We can see in it a very open concept and the possibility of access through different zones.

It is not a type of front that can be done anywhere, is designed for large areas and where space is not an inconvenience. In addition, the concept of façade and counterfade is usually little relegated and so is its side. The entrance to the home is given through different areas and even many times you can get to cross its outline with a vehicle.

Facade of rustic chalet As for the technical details we must say that the house is made with concrete foundations and they continue to become a stone masonry in most areas. In other cases it was chosen to make a column of wood to hold certain sections and this also obeys an aesthetic question.

We said goodbye until the next having seen this façade of rustic chalet with all the details we have named and with those who may have been missing that are in the image.

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