Facade of rustic colonial house

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We are facing a house with a colonial style made of wood . It looks like old English houses, many of which can be seen today and very well preserved.

With regard to its façade we can add the existence of numerous decorations, very typical of its style. The roof is made with slopes of different inclinations and covered almost entirely by asphaltic tiles. The existence of fixed windows will provide illumination to the interior without removing the privacy of this area of ​​the home.

Wooden Colonial House Plan

With regard to your plane we will go on this part has a total of 13.32 m wide by 15.18 m long. All this located in 2 floors and taking into account the entrance porch and the balcony of the back.

 Facade of rustic colonial house

On the ground floor we see the existence of a central hall that serves as a wide distribution hall. From there we can take the stairs to the upper floor, go to the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or the office / study.

If you pay attention, then the kitchen, we will see the existence of a service room that can be very useful if there is a domestic service in the house.

Already going to the top floor we will find a total of 4 bedrooms that are spread out in areas similar to what we saw earlier on the lower floor. There is also a deposit an additional patio in common use and with all the services.

We have just seen this house that is so pleasing to the eye on its counterfacade and so interesting in its distribution in the interior.

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