Facade of small house of 2 floors

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On this small house facade we have a lot to talk about, therefore, we will focus on the main features that make it up. We will see that it has two different tracks in which the color of the house changes.

Your roof is designed for areas where there is snow in times of cold. Otherwise, a possible use is the rapid discharge of water precipitation. In any case, its construction is not forbidden anywhere.

 Small house facade with 2 floors

 Facade of small house of 2 floors

We begin by stating that the house has angular cuts on almost all sides. These are in less than 90 degrees mostly.

The windows form a crucial part of the lighting we talk about. They are numerous although not all of them have the capacity to open. This is something totally solvable and does not pose a problem at all.

We ended up visualizing this small 2-story house facade presented exclusively for you.

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