Facade of stone house with quiet part of the building

We are pleased to bring you a stone house facade with included facade . This is a very nice design and really results from film.

When looking at this house we can see how its roofs have a steep slope. In addition, it extends in the four possible directions.

The walls are entirely raised in stone set with mortar. It is not a cladding but the same masonry.

Facade and Counterfade

With regard to the facade we can see that the same style is maintained although some details are added in wood, many of them on the same walls.

We also note here the presence of columns made of wood that hold a good part of the roof that appears as a cantilever. It is a lattice that gives way to another section of the structure of the house, already on a high floor.
 Facade of stone house with quiet part of the building

 Facade and Counterframe

The decoration that can be noticed in the counterfade is in line with the one of the whole house and it seems really exquisite to us if we consider the combination with the nature, the zone of rest and the step that has been realized. >

We ended up seeing this stone house with quiet part of the building included.

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