Facade of two floors with large door

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This house has a two-storey facade with a large front door , wider than usual. This is something that is very much stylized in areas of high standing and has been extended in recent years.

However, despite the catalog we currently have, we have not yet addressed this issue.

We will start by seeing the front garden, which is composed of areas with white stones and others with grass. There is even place to place some plants of smaller size, not to cover the future facade.

The garage has an open concept. Lacks front gate and masonry on the right. The background completes a brick wall seen.


It is, as we said in the title, a house with 2 floors. It combines traditional plaster of sand, cement and lime with exposed bricks and wood cladding. The latter simulating a vertical shed.

The front door, to which we want to refer, presents a wide opening, surpassing the usual 90cm. It is also high and is topped with a fixed glass.

We ended up doing this tour that we believe is enriching wherever you look at it. It is a very striking facade and can not be left out if we want to be in line with the latest trends.

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