Facade of two floors with pool

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We can not define exactly where this house is located, what we can say is that it is a two-storey facade with a pool on one of its sides. This pool, strategically located at the front of the house does not hinder the view at all, but it enhances it even more.

If we look around the whole pool we will see that it is located throughout the house, once it ends we arrive at a sliding glass . This will be very useful to have an easy access to the pool area when accessing or leaving it.

 Facade of two floors with sink

The entire width of the house is decorated with sheds made of iron and wood . This is a very special touch that is always well received. In general these areas are usually left clean, some kind of cover (such as a half shade) or even climbing creepers.

We hope to enjoy this façade of two-story house with swimming pool that we have brought on this occasion for the joy of all of you.

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