Facade of two story house with glass

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If you are looking for a double-storey house facade with glass we believe you have arrived at the place. It is one of the best models that we can present with these characteristics and it becomes a truly modern home.

It is a house that has in total two floors plus half floor with subsoil. Basically it is a design that was born being conceptual and that later became a home.

 Two story house facade with glass

We will find that glass is a fundamental part of this house once we can see its front and the counterfacade .

 Two-Story House Counter with Glasses

In the images you can see different angles of both the facade and the counterpart of this. You will see that the glass forms part of openings, balustrades of balconies and even walls.

 Inside view of 2-story glazed house

You can also see images at night to see how the lighting in a house like this is. Again having different angles will be very useful.

 cross-section at home glazed

In other photos, we can even see what the view from a house like this would look like. We will then find ourselves inside one of the rooms and can look outwards through its large fixed glass panels.

As for the cut that is observed this is done from the back and includes the subsoil of which we spoke previously. It doubles as a double garage.

So we ended up knowing about this two-story house facade with glasses that we intend to provide here.

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