Facade totally covered in stone

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This is a facade totally covered in natural stone from beginning to end. This lining gives you a rustic style and the use of the wood in small details along the front also reaffirm the type of home that was wanted to achieve.

At the top we have certain details in metal, such as the area where water tanks are stored. However, this does not change the look that gives the viewer.

Facade totally covered in stone

If we go down we will find in the first details in stone, we refer to the walls that face the front, the same thing happens with the side walls.

The openings are made of white aluminum and for the lower ones a mirrored glass has been used for privacy.

The rest of the property ends with details of the same style and a large front garden. The latter is occupying much of the view that we can license in the image, forcing the removal of the construction line approximately 6 m.

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