Facade with balcony and stones combined

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We will find that this facade has a lot to offer when we look at it in detail. Firstly it has a large balcony on one of its wings. Additionally we can see the use of different types of stone as lining of some areas.

The ground floor is practically completely decorated with this material. Meanwhile, the upper floor is divided between the same and the traditional plaster.


The slopes are pronounced on all their roofs which makes us think about the type of place where it will be built. These could also be replaced by a flat roof which would radically change the aesthetics of the facade.

It is a raised house so we have a large ramp access to what will become the place to shelter a vehicle. The same takes advantage of doubly having the balcony at the top.

We end this pleasant journey through a house that has a lot to offer and whose façade can become a model for many constructors.

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