Facade with bars

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When we talk about façades In general, when we talk about a façade with bars , these can be integrated into each of the openings or be part of the front in a different way. This last one is the case that occupies us in the occasion we are going to detail more on the subject besides presenting the image itself.

First, before proceeding, we must indicate that the bars form part of a perimeter that begins in the same line of municipal construction. There is a small brick wall seen with the indicated lattice.

Facade with bars

Punctually, it is a facade with modern grille , regardless of whether the house is or is not.

Façades with bars photos

Of course, besides the description that we are giving here, we must present the image in question. In it we can easily notice what we are referring to.

Facades With grids photos

When there are no big touches of luxury, and there a certain simplicity in the conformation we say that it is a facade with minimalist bars . Many people prefer to choose this type of design so that their home does not draw much attention.

In addition, it will always have a lower cost to use a type of designs like this one before a larger one or with a greater elaboration.

If we refer to the construction itself, we may notice the placement of different pillars that support the rest.

As for the house we have a house with four-story roof in two different blocks and a total of two floors. The surrounding garden adds a special touch to the whole house and is something that does not go unnoticed.

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