Facade with polished cement

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From the moment we start planning how the completion of our façade will be, innumerable materials, techniques and styles become part of a list of possibilities to use.

If you still do not decide how to finish the exterior of your house you might be interested in knowing facades with polished cement , since it is a high durability coating that gives any façade an aesthetic finish Very interesting at a relatively affordable cost.

House facade with smoothed cement
The smoothed cement or polished cement is not only used for the facades of modern houses, it is also very used for rustic and contemporary façades, since it is a versatile material that adapts in a way Perfect for different architectural styles.

 House facade with smoothed cement
This type of coating is also very suitable for repairs or remodeling, since it allows to rescue old facades that have suffered the deterioration caused by the passage of the years and the inclemencies of the time, giving back all its splendor to the outside face of any home.

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