Facade with side balconies

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This is a facade with side balconies that we can not fail to show in this section of front of houses.

While it is a condominium, here we will focus on only one of them (the one on the right).

 Facade with side balconies < / Em>

The house has the main entrance placed sideways, something that provides greater privacy and is very pleasant for many owners. Facing the municipal line (the street) we find a total of four openings two on the ground floor and large and two additional on the upper floor, although the latter are smaller.

On the roof, completely covered in tiles, we can see a protrusion corresponding to a fireplace, it is properly covered in stone to provide thermal insulation and additional decoration.

Counter-facade with side balconies This same stone is used in the stairs (three steps and a rest) that we can see in the front.

We hope this home is of interest to any of you who are looking for a home with side balconies.

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