Facade with slate tiles

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We are presenting a facade with slate tiles that may well be implemented by you in your own home. Whether you are building a new home that you plan to remodel the current one.

 Fa├žade with slate roofs

If your case is the first, we highly recommend slate tiles as they are durable, insulated and require little maintenance. If it is a remodeling then you should consider very in detail the type of material you currently have on your roof and make a comparison.

House with slate tiles

This particular house has such roof tiles. But, moving away a little more of this material we will know a little more about the facade.

 House with slate tiles

It has been decided to place a virtual roof on the front, only extended on the ground floor or the first floor. Meanwhile, the roof of the top (the highest of all) is folded down about 1 m.

 slate tiles

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