Facade with stone path

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The stone path that can be seen here gives us an idea of ​​the general concept of the whole house. It happens that this house facade is designed for a home that combines the minimalist style with all those elements of a complete and comfortable place.

In general, it is not an economic house, especially if you place the decorative elements you see. However, removing the luxury that we found a priori is possible to go to the merely mandatory. This is walls, ceilings and coatings or plasters.

Those who seek the comfort of a well-located home, with considerable details and thought for a lifetime, will see in this an opportunity to take into account.


Its conception is rather wide and this can be noticed with the naked eye. Its location on two floors makes it even larger with no less than 180 square meters. Unfortunately we will not review your plans, it is not the intention in this sample.

Lighting is also a very important part of this house. This is something that can be noticed in all its extension, with rare exceptions.

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