Facade without eave

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Many of the modern house facades we frequently share contain eaves, protrusions, or porches Of similar style that help to protect the main entrance, but not all are interested in the same way by this type of designs, for that reason in today we will share facades without wing , another way to finish the face Exterior of our home.

Regardless of the shape of the roof, whether it is a straight roof, two-story, half-water or even four-water roofs, we can always build fa├žades without eaves, without this impinging on the aesthetics of And we will see it graphically next with a nice photos of facades without eaves .

facades -modern-without-eaves  facades-of-houses-without-eaves



As you will have noticed in the models we have just shown, we can apply this style regardless of the number of floors and the size of the building.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of facades of roofless houses is that the main entrance will be somewhat unprotected, both from the rain and from the sun.

We hope you have enjoyed these facade designs without eaves.

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