Facades and plans of houses

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While we are mainly dedicated to the fronts of houses, this time we want to share with you facades and plans of houses of two floors that will undoubtedly attract your attention, since it is about Modern properties, with very attractive finishes not only on the exterior but also inside.

Facades and plans of modern houses

The first example of facades and plans of current houses that we will share is the property’s extensive exterior finishings, openings in natural solid wood profiles and light tones that have been Combined with grays in the area of ​​the garage.



This two-storey house will be equipped with: double garage, office with bathroom, formal dining room, family living room, separate kitchen with pantry, hallway, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.




The internal benefits of this second model will be the same as the previous housing, only that will change the distribution and orientation of the main environments.

plans Of-current homes


We hope you have enjoyed these facades and plans for modern homes, we hope to have you here again soon.

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