Facades for houses from 6 m in front

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It is not at all frequent to find facades for houses 6 m in front and this is mainly because it is not a standard measure. Basically we are talking about placing a house with a land that is narrow at least in the sector of the municipal construction line.

Those who have a terrain with few meters of front know what we are talking about and the challenge of building such a particular place. Many times the first thing to be relegated is the garage. Sometimes these are replaced by a shed in the front to which it tries to provide the minimum security measures starting with the installation of grilles as a front gate.

 Facades for houses 6 m from the front

Here we have a design that meets many of the expectations of our readers, those looking for facades for houses of 6 m.

With regard to this we must say that there is a slight discrepancy with respect to the plans. As we can see, the front has a front porch and this extends to one of the sides. This sector had to be eliminated to be able to fill with the meters of width of the land.


We can already say that the income comes from the center of the building. Here we have an additional difference that must be taken into account. We ourselves chose to lightly run the access door from one side to the central area.

 6m front house plan

In this way we will find a flat that leads directly into a small entrance hall which is also a distributor hall. This hallway will take us to a bathroom, a small office with a dressing room (sector that can be used for multiple purposes) and then to the living room, dining room and kitchen.

 house with only 6 meters of facade

In this plant we must also the existence of a laundry or laundry room of considerable dimensions.

Through the stairs we will ascend to the upper floor where we can see a large bedroom and the exit to the terrace.

In this way, we can see this front facade of 6 m in front with a brief explanation of the modifications we made and the reasons for them.

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