Facades in blue tones

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We want to start the week by offering different facades in blue tones , a color we do not usually take into account when it comes to what color to paint the facade.

If you still can not determine the range of colors that you want to use to renew the appearance of your fa├žade, we suggest you go through these photos of houses painted in blue and white. You are pleasant and consider the possibility of using these tones in your home.

The blue tones for walls are wide and varied, so you can choose from a wide range of this tonality if you decide to opt for this palette of colors for the front of your house.

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Facades Blue and yellow

Houses Painted in blue

Blue and white facades
We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful examples of blue houses, if you still can not decide what color to use to paint the exterior of a house we suggest you browse our website to learn more examples of color combinations for facades .

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