Facades in natural stone

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Today we will dedicate a complete note to the facades in natural stone . If you are thinking of coating the front of the house with natural stone and you do not know which type of stone to choose, or which pattern of placement to follow, you may find the photos of fronts of houses with natural stone in Different tones that we share next.

House facades in natural stone

To use aggregates, porphyries or other types of natural stones do not have to make the front of our property out of date, on the contrary, in recent times the incorporation of stones to the exterior finishes is of latest fashion.

Facades in natural stone

This section is complemented very well if you decide to know more types of stone for facades that have Been implemented in real and finished projects. In addition, you may want to read the stone facades that is closely related to this one. / P>

 Fronts of houses in natural stone slab

We can choose to cover a sector of the façade, highlighting a fireplace, framing the main entrance, or covering only the ground floor, these are just a few options.

Facades of houses in natural stone

 Façades of houses with decorations in natural stone

 Facade of house with columns covered in rustic stone

It is also feasible to cover the facade of the house completely in stone, if that is what you like. At this point you will only limit your budget, since the square meters of natural stone that you may need to cover the entire facade can cost an important sum of money.

 Façades of houses in natural and irregular stone

 Façades of houses in rustic natural stone
As you may have noticed, there are many and varied ways you can use different types and colors of natural stones to bring personality, color and texture to the front of your house.

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