Facades of 2 floors

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We are pleased to show you a series of 2-storey facades . They are in total three different models and with marked characteristics in each one.

This type of house fronts can be built in any part of the city without being off the beaten path.

Facades Of 2 floors

One of these facades has a roof with a 4-water fall . The garage is spacious as a vehicular passage for two cars in parallel. The openings are very well and are in keeping with the height of the house itself.

Facades Of 2 floors

The next dwelling is a combination of white and gray, the latter area corresponding to a stone cladding . To this we refer when we indicated that its characteristics are different and that they are accentuated in each one of the houses.

Facades Of two floors

We finished with a pastel-colored house with two floors, being one of the income directly from the top floor thanks to the stairs that it has in front.

These double-storey houses can help you with your future projects or if you are thinking of remodeling your current home.

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