Facades of alpine houses

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On this occasion we will share special house facades as we bring to our readers beautiful examples of alpine house facades . These types of constructions are also known as alpine cabins, which are characterized by high sloping gable roofs that usually extend to ground level.

Alpine facades

Although all the alpine hut facades have a common aesthetic, variations can be many and very different, not only in the type of building material but also in the length of their roofs .

Among the facades of more traditional Alpine huts are those made of brick seen with zinc-plated roofs, but it is also possible to find façades of two-storey Alpine houses with fine plaster and slab roofs or wood and tiles. P>

Facades Of alpine houses

 Facades of alpine houses of two floors

Beautiful alpine cabins

 Facades of alpine houses with stone and wood

 Alpine wood house plan

Facades of simple alpine houses

Facades Of alpine cabins
Undoubtedly the alpine houses remind us of the mountain landscapes where it snows abundantly during the winter. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this type of constructions is that the slope of its roofs allows the snow to be easily discharged, avoiding an unnecessary overload on the roof structure.

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