Facades of beautiful and economic houses

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When the budget is limited, we must put our imagination to the maximum to achieve a nice and cheap facade, so today we want to share some examples of cheap but beautiful facades .

If we opt for straight ceilings, there are many ways we can bring style to the front of the house without the need to go for big details.

Facades of small and beautiful houses

 Facades of beautiful and economic houses

 Facades of beautiful single-storey houses

Playing with wall heights, protrusions and even exterior cladding materials will give us the possibility of adding a nice finish to any simple house façade, whether it be a new construction or even the construction. Reform of an old house with several years of history.

We can even go a little further and just achieve a nice and cheap house facade by combining different paint tones, but which belong to the same range, as in these examples. >

 Facades of beautiful one-storey houses

Facades of beautiful houses on the outside

On the other hand, if we have gable roofs, that will be a plus in itself, since this roof style already has a very beautiful aesthetic touch.

 Facades of simple houses of a plant

We can complement this type of simple exterior with a well-kept garden, which will undoubtedly highlight the beauty of the building.

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