Façades of cobbled houses

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Today we bring you a nice selection of facades of cobbled houses , with an old style, rustic and certainly country.

These beautiful houses with walls covered in natural stone make us travel back in time, as they remind us of those mid-century constructions. However this is not an exclusive feature, since at present still continue to build houses of this style, we will agree that they have a very particular charm and seductive.

These models of houses with paved walls show how irregular stones can be arranged in an orderly and symmetrical way, achieving a harmonious composition that is very pleasing to the eye, allowing maximum use of the natural characteristics Of the material without disturbing it too much.


facades- Cobblestones

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If you are interested in a rustic facade, do not forget to take into account this kind of noble material, since the result can be more than satisfactory.

Which of these models of cobbled houses has managed to grab your attention?

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