Facades of current houses

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We may notice that the facades of houses today are more demanding than at other times in history. This is mainly due to the high specialization that has been achieved in facades .

We see that in ancient times, only 30 or 40 years ago, the most common and required material when constructing a façade was cement and lime, we will understand why this situation . The materials of the present day show us to what ends can be reached in terms of termination.

Facades Of current homes

Façade finishes

It is precisely the endings on the façades of houses that most emphasize the modern elements that are being used. These are at the service of the tastes of its owners, designers and architects.

facade claddings

It is common to find the use of steel, treated wood, ceramics, epoxy paints, plastics and a whole range to know.

The same happens with the colors, these can be done in detail taking just a few minutes the desired hue. Even so, the taste of customers always moves in a relatively fixed variety.

Façade finishes of houses

So we finished this editorial in which we wanted to talk about the endings on the façades of houses, a theme that always gives a lot of fabric to cut.

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