Facades of gabled houses

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Many choose the gabled roofs in their homes, so they are interested in knowing gable house facades , which is what we will bring with this note to all readers.

It will be very useful to know photos of gable roofs to appreciate the different possible slopes to be used, the different finishing materials that can be placed on them, the height they must have in Relationship to the house and other aspects, before opting for them in our home.

10 Facades of gabled houses photos

Next we are going to show 10 models of gabled roof houses , so that you can appreciate for yourself the different qualities and particular aspect that each design presents.

We must remember that these types of ceilings are often chosen not only for their pleasing appearance, but also because they have very good advantages. The pronounced slope favors the rapid drainage of rainwater, reducing the possibility of leaks. They are also ideal for areas of snow, as once again the slope helps the snow fall by its own weight.




 photos-of-roofs-of-the-waters-of-a-floor houses ceilings -a-dos-aguas






As you may have noticed, this type of roof can be used both in large and small houses, both in single-storey and two-storey houses.

If you did not find what you were looking for here, we suggest you browse our website to learn more roofing models for modern houses.

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