Facades of houses 10×20

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The 10 × 20 measures on the grounds are very common so today we will share 10 × 20 houses facades , so that all those who have a piece of land of such measures find valuable Options that you might be able to put into practice on your property.

We have designs for all tastes, since some are very modern and avant-garde, while others are more modest and a certain colonial air. You may also notice that we have facades of one, two and three-story houses.

With 10 m of front we can place on the facade a simple garage entrance or even a double garage, since such measures are sufficient to achieve a vehicular income and comfortable staff, may even subtract space to place a window facing The facade.



facades 10x20



Among the shared examples another common feature are the stepped finishes, these facades do not present a straight line exterior but have projections that provide a very pleasant aesthetic. In addition the addition of porches, pergolas, stone paths, modern luminaires and / or a special decoration in the front gardens generate a charming facade.

Consider these modern designs for houses with 10 meters of front if you plan a construction with such stockings. Until next time!

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