Facades of houses 2015

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House facades in 2015 have been marked by a strong use of plastic plasters, completely modern materials and a clear trend in colors. >


Plastics plasters, which come ready to be placed in buckets, are designed to give a touch of modernity and waterproof the facade.

Facades Of houses 2015

That is why 2015 was a record for sales of non-traditional coatings. We have generally seen the use of cement, lime and plaster, here we are talking about the latest coming out for house facades in 2015 .

Going a little further, we can name the aluminum openings for fronts have been the vedette of architecture and design. Representing a modern, quick and easy solution to complete access to a home.

There is a lot more to talk about the fa├žades of houses 2015 and we will continue to do so later.

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