Facades of houses of 2 floors

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In these facades we will see houses with 2 floors , in fact here we present one and we will invite you to visit another one of equal conditions. We are referring to homes where you can see that there is an additional floor in your building .

 Facades of two-storey houses

Going a little further, and as a way to verify the fact that it has 2 floors , we will also provide the corresponding plans.

 2 story house plan

We are then able to start and say that the house has a total of 3 bedrooms and approximately 170 square meters.

 Flat and front of house of 2 floors

The facade is composed of a strong cladding In stone with glass on top. A detail rarely seen, especially by its combination.

 Facades of houses of 2 floors

Another color note is placed on the roof, it is made of sheet metal and is 2 waters. In its fall leaves us two windows and the projection of a chimney.

Finally, the front garden is to decorate and may not be of much interest if we are in the construction of the house.

We finish with the openings, easily visible from the facade, you can see that they are made of wood and others of sheet metal. All have a finish to provide beauty without removing security.

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